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Though Khaira is born and raised in Canada, he keeps a close watch on South Asia, and especially Punjab.  He is currently in the process of completing his PhD thesis at the University of Alberta which explores in detail the ramifications of the partition of Punjab and the ongoing efforts of Punjabis on both sides of the border to re-create an interdependent cultural relationship with each other.  In essence, his previous release “Kashmir” deals directly with this issue.  Furthermore, Khaira’s own paternal ancestry traces back to a village “Chak-Rehan” (Khairayan Di Kotli) in Gujranwala, Pakistan – the place his grandfather left at the age of 14 during the partition to settle in India’s Punjab state.

Khaira is a multi-instrumentalist who writes and performs all of his own music.  He also fluently speaks Punjabi, Dari and Urdu and has given lectures and workshops at Universities across Canada, as well as in East Punjab to discuss the role of Sufi music in particular in assisting to recreate a mutually interdependent cultural relationship between East and West Punjabis.  He has also teaches courses in Religious Studies, Marketing as well as Music at several Universities in Edmonton.

A natural musician, Khaira has been playing the guitar for 25 years now and the drums for 21 years.  He has toured extensively with his own rock bands including “Warning Signs,” and “Portraits,” and has also performed alongside artists such as Abrar Ul-Haque, Bilal Saeed, Arif Lohar, Jazzy B, Amrinder Gill and Diljit Dosanjh to name a few.

To see his latest music video “Blood Diamonds,” or his previous release “Kashmir,” as well as other well received music videos like “Shama Paiyan” and “Allah Hoo” please go to

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"...Sherwood Park musician Arsh Khaira summons such predecessors talking about his newly-released high-soaring-rock single Blood Diamonds, its video shot in the city core and including clips of civil unrest around the world...."

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Local musician exposes roots of racism through song (click to read)

As an artist and an academic, Arsh Khaira explores the power of music to overcome divisions.

"...More broadly, Khaira is interested in overcoming ethnic and racial divisions of all kinds by exposing the destructive legacy of colonialism. The lyrics of his latest song, "Blood Diamonds," range from the Indian partition to exploitation of the diamonds in Africa to the opium wars of the 19th century...."

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