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Yak Arz Guftam || Baba Nanak || Dr. Arsh Khaira With Dari - Farsi Explanation
Arsh Khaira

Yak Arz Guftam || Baba Nanak || Dr. Arsh Khaira With Dari - Farsi Explanation Dr. Arsh Khaira is fluent in Dari (Afghan Farsi) and has been studying the language in great detail since 2006. He holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology from the University of Alberta where his research focused on the relationship between Sikhism and Islam as well as the deep connections between East and West Punjab. Yak Arz Guftam is much closer in its vocabulary and grammar to Dari (Afghan Farsi) than it is to the Iranian variant known as Farsi (Persian). It is also important to mention the proximity and closeness of Afghanistan and especially places like Kabul, Ghazni (Bhai Nand Lal Goya), Jalalabad and other centres that have significant places for Sikh history. With regards to the closeness of this "Bani" or Dua, of Baba Nanak to Dari, consider for example the phrase "mam sar muye azraeel garifteh dil hech na dani." The use of "mam" for my hair (sar muye) is distinguishably an Afghan expression. Further, this Bani is written in a dialect of Dari that reflects the simple language of the rural population. It is not a heavy, classical Persian variant, it would have been easily understood by the simplest of Afghans. Therefore this Bani must have been written to express to the local Afghan communities the relationship of a disciple to God. The subtitles will reflect the English translation which are Dr. Khaira's himself. Dr. Khaira has also performed the Zafarnama of Guru Gobind Singh Ji : and Language: Dari / Farsi بابا نانک یک پیامبر از دینِ سیک ها بود کی تقریبن پنج صد سال قبلا این دعا نوشتا در زوبن فارسی. در این برنامه استاد عرش خیرا این دعا میخنا.
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